Hamtramck in the News

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Where to Dine and Drink in Hamtramck

Eater Detroit's Guide to Hamtramck "Hamtramck, a city within the city of Detroit, is well-known for its eclectic culinary scene that it continues to evolve with every passing year. Known for its array of Eastern European, South Asian, and Middle Eastern eateries, Hamtown's many dive bars have also begun to offer gourmet food offerings with bartenders doubling as chefs for regular pop-ups. Below find a freshly updated guide to some of the top dining options — old and new — tucked into the city's 2.1-square-miles."

The future of Hamtramck is being built today

"Business development in Hamtramck is booming thanks to a mixture of immigrant entrepreneurs, who kept large parts of the city afloat during economic hardships in the 1990s, and newer owners looking to experiment." 
Model D reports on what's next for Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park. Read more about economic development in Hamtramck and the people and projects having impact in our city in the pub's Hamtramck section.

"Jos. Campau business owners who are thinking about getting a new sign this year have a helping hand waiting. The city’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is once again offering financial assistance to businesses seeking to update their business sign."

More news about Hamtramck: 

  • The Review is Hamtramck's paper of record. Check out their business section for more news related to business happenings in Hamtramck. 
  • CURBED Detroit: Curbed reports on new developments happening in the city, check out their Hamtramck ticker to stay up to date on new investments and developments in our fair city. 
  • Model D Media: Model D reports on "what's next" for Detroit, Hamtramck, & Highland Park. Visit their Hamtramck neighborhood page to say up to date.